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For over 35 years, Youth For Tomorrow has changed the lives of children and families in crisis. Today, you have an opportunity to ensure every child or family has access to these services regardless of their ability to pay for services. 

Specifically, these children are victims of sex trafficking from around the country; privately placed boys and girls from families living below the poverty line, whose behavior was so incorrigible that their parents/grandparents pleaded with us to help; local children in our Behavioral Health programs from impoverished families.

In the community, we have clients in desperate situations that continue to pursue their treatment goals through homelessness, unemployment and significant trauma. Some cannot afford to pay but remain committed. We provide financial assistance to many of them. 

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Please consider a gift for our children. Every $10, $100 or $1,000 gives hope and fulfills the needs of our children. Your gifts to Youth For Tomorrow help us serve through our love and caring for the "least of these".

You will have an opportunity to include special instructions with your donation before finalizing your credit card transaction. 


We pivoted to providing mental health services via tele-health and have had strong demand for counseling services as COVID-19 has increased mental health challenges. YFT’s tele-health program is currently at 96+% capacity and over 25,000 tele-health sessions have been provided since March 2020.

While these numbers provide a compelling picture of the services that have been provided, they are not the full story. Perhaps some of the most critical work being done does not result in even one session being counted. These are those who come to us in crisis, at risk of overdose, suicide or self harm that are assessed to need a higher level of care. These are the sessions that don’t get counted and the tragedies that don’t make the headlines because these individuals get connected to appropriate hospital care by our team. 

Tax Information: Youth For Tomorrow is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Donations to Youth For Tomorrow are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Youth For Tomorrow is registered with the Commonwealth of Virginia and a financial statement is available upon request from the Virginia Division of Consumer Affairs. Youth For Tomorrow's tax identification number is 52-1342268.